The Division 2 update fixes bugs, corrects Expertise progression

A new update is going live today for The Division 2 that corrects Expertise level progression following a bug.

The development team posted a message on Twitter explaining that a mistake in the amount of Proficiency points gained from kill XP has forced them to “recalculate every player’s progress.” As a result, most active players during Season 9 will see their Expertise level brought back down to where it should be.

“This will impact most players active during Season 9 and will bring their Expertise level back to the level they should be at,” the message reads. “This will also impact any item upgraded. We will be granting SHD caches including materials to all affected players, as compensation for the feature rollback and materials you have invested in gear upgrades. You can expect the update on the compensation availability later this week.”

In addition to this change, the update fixes bugs with the “Dread Edict” Exotic SVD not stacking with the “Perfect Focus” armor talent, players getting stuck after exiting Countdown Mode, and numerous Manhunt issues. Read the full patch notes here.

The Division 2 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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