The Division 2 season re-runs begin with Shadow Tide

The previously announced season re-runs for The Division 2 have started with the return of Season 1’s Shadow Tide.

“For those who completed all of the seasonal events and contents, in addition to the usual rewards, this is a chance for you to pit yourself up against the seasonal events and manhunts with new builds, take on objectives with or without more modifiers and higher difficulty levels than your initial runs; and perhaps even beat your personal best,” developer Ubisoft Massive wrote in a blog post.

During the re-run, players will be able to once again hunt down four targets on the runup to facing Jupiter in a final showdown and unlock a unique skill variant, if they haven’t already.

Global Events will also be running each week of the season. First up is Golden Bullet, which equips enemies with a Golden Bullet that does serious damage to players. However, it takes time to load, so players can either take cover or take the enemy out to claim the bullet for themselves and receive a massive damage boost.

Each season re-run will offer another chance to purchase the Season Pass and unlock the premium rewards track for 1,000 Premium Credits. Players who already own the pass for that season do not need to purchase it again.

In other news, Ubisoft Massive recently revealed that it is working on a new game mode and progression system for The Division 2 that is due to release in late 2021.

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