The Crew Motorfest: Pick Your Poison

At launch, The Crew Motorfest will feature 15 playlists, each with a specific focus on a certain aspect of car and racing culture. Not sure exactly what that means? Here’s a selection of some of the playlists Ubisoft has revealed, along with what you can expect from their events.

Vintage Garage

This playlist is all about vintage car culture, with events designed to take you from ’50s and ’60s classics up to the ’80s muscle cars. It’s not all about racing, either. One early event tasks you with using landmarks, rather than your GPS, to navigate to a destination—just like you would’ve had to do way back when.

Made in Japan

With a focus on tricked-out, souped-up Japanese imports, this playlist naturally encompasses a whole lot of urban street racing and drifting around corners at night. Events also give a bit of a Tokyo-style makeover to Honolulu, with plenty of bright neon adding to the Japanese vibe. Seems expensive to redecorate a whole city for each race, but who are we to judge?


This is the playlist you’ll go to when you want to scratch that “serious motor racing” itch. Events focus on circuit races and feature a tire degradation system—you’ll need to make pit stops every few laps, otherwise you’ll start to lose grip. It’s not all Formula One–style open-wheel racing, either. There’s even a (not actually) 24-hour endurance race around Hanauma Bay.

Off-Roading Addict

Not only do events in this playlist take place off the tarmac—meaning you can expect to drive a whole lot of lifted trucks and buggies, over slippery conditions, across hills and around mountains—but they also involve more freedom in how you get to each checkpoint. Sure, it’s faster to cut the corner and take that shortcut through the trees, but it’s also riskier.

Automobili Lamborghini

Look, not everything has to be complicated. You want to drive some Lamborghinis? This playlist will let you drive some Lamborghinis.

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