The Ascent roadmap includes New Game+, transmogrification, and more

Neon Giant has shared its future plans for cyberpunk action-shooter RPG The Ascent.

The roadmap begins with the recently released Halloween Pack and Photo Mode. The Halloween Pack is free for all players and includes the Jack o’Lantern headgear, Skeleton shirt, and a Skull Face Tattoo.

Following this will be two more free updates and a paid DLC pack before the end of the year. Update 5 includes a transmogrification system accompanied by the Cybersec Pack add-on, while Update 6 adds voiceovers for side missions as well as the free Winter Pack.

Then in 2022, players can expect the premium Cyber Warrior Pack and a seventh major update which includes New Game Plus and the free Chongqing Pack. Take a look at the full roadmap below:

The Ascent is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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