The Ascent adds Winter Pack DLC and voiced side missions

Neon Giant has released the free Winter Pack DLC for The Ascent as well as a new update.

Starting with the Winter Pack, players will receive the Snowball hand grenade, which will stagger but not kill enemies, and the following three fashion apparels:

  • Buttercup headgear: ‘Tis the season of a strange Veles. Horrible visibility, highly flammable and with questionable street cred.
  • Red Danger headgear: Warm your nose and make a statement to boot. A bright red nose like a true alpha, and antlers for immediate intimidation. Don’t listen to the fools that say you look silly.
  • Festive shirt: A festive Winter T-shirt

In addition to the free DLC, all subtitled dialogue for side missions in the game is now voiced. Interestingly, all 800 lines are voiced by voice actor Sam Hughes thanks to sound design house Sweet Justice Sound and the Altered Studio tool. Using this tool, the voiced dialogue was augmented to offer different sounding voices for 40 different NPCs.

The Ascent is available now on Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC.

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