Temtem’s spring update adds ranked matchmaking, spectator mode

Crema has released the first half of the spring update for its massively multiplayer creature collector Temtem.

The highlight of this new update is the introduction of ranked matchmaking. Following the update, each player will be given a Tamer Matchmaking Rating and matched against opponents based on it. To help newer players, every Temtem will be auto-scaled to level 48 with maxed SVs during ranked matches.

Joining ranked matchmaking is a new spectator mode that will let players view ranked matches and player intros and outros for PvP matches.

Other additions include a Battle Log that will display relevant information during a match, new Evading and Alerted status conditions, and 22 new Technique animations. Read the full patch notes here.

As mentioned above, this is the first half of the spring update. The second half will introduce an in-game chat feature, chat bubbles, and the ability to create Clubs. Looking forward, the developer plans to add player housing, new islands, new Temtems, Dojo Wars, a Trading House, a cosmetics store, and more.

Temtem is available now in early access on PC and will be coming to consoles in spring 2021.

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