Temtem trailer reveals version 1.0 release date

Crema’s massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure Temtem will leave early access and officially launch for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 6th, 2022.

At launch, players will be able to choose between the Standard Edition of the game and the Deluxe Edition, which contains “an unrevealed, super exclusive set of cosmetic goodies,” according to the developer.

Additionally, a physical Collector’s Edition Bundle is now available to preorder. The bundle contains a Collector’s Edition box, replica TemCards, three embroidered patches, a soft enamel pin set, and a Statue Diorama featuring Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic. Crema notes that this bundle does not include a copy of the game.

The game lets players become a Temtem tamer as they explore the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, build their team, and attempt to defeat all eight Dojo Leaders.

Temtem is available now in early access on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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