Temtem 1.0 trailer tours Tamer’s Paradise island

Crema has shared a new trailer for its massively multiplayer creature-collection game Temtem that goes over the new content coming in the version 1.0 update.

Following the game’s official release next month, players can visit the last island in the Archipelago known as Tamer’s Paradise. This endgame island is home to a number of new weekly activities for players to take part in.

First up is the Archtamer’s Sanctum where players will be able to rechallenge the four Archtamers to earn various rewards. The twist is that all four must be beaten consecutively and no gears can be used during the fights.

Joining it is the Draft Arenas. Here, players can create a team from four Tem and gear choices and then take on a series of increasingly difficult battles. After each battle, players can take one of the opponent’s Tems and add them to their team.

There’s also the two-player Digilair that rewards a Tem egg, the wild Tem Safari area, and an ever-changing Tower climb that features a list of banned Tems. Finally, players can visit the Shopping Center and pick up new cosmetics, furniture, and items.

Temtem is due to leave early access and officially launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 6th.

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