Tell Me Why is the next game from Dontnod Entertainment

Microsoft and Dontnod Entertainment have announced narrative adventure Tell Me Why for Xbox One and PC.

The game is set in Alaska and follows the story of twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan as they attempt to “unravel memories of a loving but troubled childhood” using their “extraordinary bond.”

“The core mechanic of the game is the special bond Tyler and Alyson share and is also a theme strongly anchored into the Dontnod storytelling approach,” game director Florent Guillaume said. “Over the course of the story, players will explore the identical twins’ different memories of key events and choose which memory to believe. Ultimately, the choices players make determine the strength of the twins’ bond—and the future course of their lives.”

“We love them both,” Guillaume added about Tyler and Alyson, “And we are especially grateful to Microsoft for its full support, openness and help regarding Tyler’s identity and character, as a transgender man.”

Tell Me Why is scheduled to release in summer 2020 for Xbox One, Windows PC, and Steam. The game will also be available via Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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