SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith Digital Collector’s Edition revealed

BioWare has unveiled a Digital Collector’s Edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s upcoming Legacy of the Sith expansion.

The Collector’s Edition includes 2,400 Cartel Coins, the Magus’s Command Chamber Mount, Darth Vindican’s Dualsaber, and the MD-CH1 Droid Minipet. Players also receive 30 days of subscription time, which grants access to the Legacy of the Sith expansion and all previous expansions.

“The subscription time and cartel coins will be automatically added to your account,” BioWare explains. “The 3 digital items will be waiting for you in your character’s in-game mailbox. These items will be available on all of the characters on the account where the purchase was made.”

BioWare notes that players will not gain access to the Collector’s Edition vendor with the Legacy of the Sith Collector’s Edition.

The Legacy of the Sith Collector’s Edition will be available to purchase from February 15th for $39.99.

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