Surgeon Simulator 2 update introduces six competitive levels

Surgery is getting competitive in the latest update for Surgeon Simulator 2.

Following the update, two teams of surgeons will be able to go head-to-head across six new competitive levels. These levels task players with collecting falling coins, dismembering Bob’s limbs, playing hospital hide-and-seek, and more. A full rundown of the six new levels, courtesy, of developer Bossa Studios, can be found below:

  • Run For Your Money: It’s raining cash! Bounce off the trampolines to catch as many falling coins as you can, before slotting them into your pachinko machine. Who can deposit the most coins before the time runs out?
  • Pulse Racer: Grab that bonesaw. Mop your brow. And race to heal more Bobs than the other team! This is pure and unrelenting speed-based surgery.
  • The Bob-stacle Course: A 2v2 obstacle course, but with surgery at the… ahem, heart of it. No mud. All blood!
  • Arms Race: Good ol’ fashioned, team-based dismemberment. Rip off Bob’s limbs and shoot them in the goals to score. Go on, break a leg!
  • Balls to the Wall: Race to grab the giant balls before navigating a series of obstacles to shoot them into your goal. First team to score 3 wins!
  • Hide and Shriek: Can you outwit the other team by hiding a series of objects in a place they’ll never find? Find out in this quickfire game of hospital hide-and-seek.

Surgeon Simulator 2 has created competition among players and real surgeons alike,” Henrique Olifiers, Bossa Studios’ Gamer-in-Chief and CEO, said. “We saw a prime example of this last week when over 20 medical professionals at Grimsby Hospital undertook a heart transplant speedrun within Surgeon Simulator 2. We’ve created this content update so players everywhere, be they real doctors or not, can enjoy the thrill of competitive surgery without risking any lawsuits. Good luck to everyone who dives in, and may the best surgeon win!”

Surgeon Simulator 2 is available now on PC via the Epic Games Store.

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