Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The Same, But Different

Indeed, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has by far the largest roster of selectable characters ever seen in a mainline Mario platformer. In addition to Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, we get the long-requested debut of Princess Daisy, Yellow and Blue Toads, Toadette, four Yoshis—your standard green, Red, Yellow, and Light-Blue—as well as Nabbit, the kleptomaniac rabbit who first became playable in New Super Luigi U.

While we hinted that there wouldn’t be any major differences between which character you pick, that isn’t quite true. If you pick any of the main cast, one of the Toads, or Toadette, your experience will basically be the same. However, choose a Yoshi or Nabbit, and you won’t take damage when getting hit by an enemy or most environmental hazards, making them great choices for younger or more casual players. (You can, however, still lose a life if you fall down a pit or into dangers like lava.) And, as an extra bit of assistance, Yoshis can also do their trademark flutter jump, as well as eat objects to spit back at enemies.

And, before you ask: Yes, you can ride around on another player if they’re a Yoshi—even when in the much heftier Elephant form.

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