Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Now You’re Playing with Power

Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers four distinct power-ups to grab: Fire, Elephant, Bubble, and Drill. Given you’ve had 38 years to learn what a Fire Flower does, we’re not going to explain that one to you, but here’s what you need to know when transforming into one of the trio of new forms.


In Elephant form, Mario and his friends can swing their trunks to attack enemies, destroy blocks that stand in the way, or knock the shells Lakitu tries to drop on your head back at him. And those trunks are also good for sucking up and spraying out water, which can come in handy in a variety of situations. As well, as an Elephant, you can destroy a whole group of blocks by running into them, or dash across larger gaps with ease.


In a power-up reminiscent of classic games such as Bubble Bobble, you blow floating bubbles that can capture and defeat enemies from a distance. This form is especially useful, as those bubbles can knock out enemies you usually can’t get rid of (such as Dry Bones), or those that are on the other side of a wall. Bubbles can also act as temporary platforms, making it easier to reach certain segments of courses.


Drill form gives you a fashionable yet functional drill hat, which can take out enemies or objects falling on you from above. You can also use it to dive down and break destructible objects, or even burrow into the ground—or ceiling—to move under some walls or avoid enemies.

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