Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Badges, Badges, Badges, Badges, Badges, Badges, Badges, Mushroom, Mushroom

Nintendo has certainly put a lot of new ideas and unique features into Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but one of the most game-changing in our eyes could be the Badges. Earnable through special Badge Challenges or purchasable from Poplin Shops using flower coins, you can equip one Badge per course, completely changing what abilities you’ll have at your disposal.

For example, just in terms of jump-related Badges alone, there are options such as Wall-Climb Jump, which gives you the ability to jump against a wall and then jump again straight up; Crouching High Jump, letting you charge up a more power high jump by crouching; and Timed High Jump, giving your jumps more lift if you time them just right consecutively.

Then, there are some Badges that bring some even bigger changes to the traditional gameplay of the Mario series. To name just a few, Parachute Cap lets you use your hat as a parachute to float down slower; Safety Bounce safely recovers you from dangerous drops one time per fall; and Grappling Vine gives you what is essentially a grappling hook you can shoot out midair to latch onto walls and objects.

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