Street Power Soccer trailer introduces Trickshot mode

SFL Interactive and Maximum Games have delivered a new trailer for Street Power Soccer (Street Power Football worldwide) that offers a brief look at Trickshot mode.

Trickshot requires players to hit targets that are spread out across the playground against the clock. Players will need to find the right power, height, and ball effect to hit each target within the time limit. Watch the trailer below:

Trickshot will join Freestyle, Street Power Match, Panna, Elimination, and the Become the King story mode when the game launches later this month.

Last week, another trailer was released for the game that focused on story mode. In Become the King, players will become the protégé of the Street King and first ever freestyle soccer champion Sean Garnier as they rise through the ranks of street soccer.

Street Power Soccer launches August 25th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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