Street Fighter V’s Summer Update brings more Oro and Akira, Fortnite cameos, and… Luke?

Capcom’s latest look into its premier fighting game series debuted today, and the Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021 gave us some good looks into the game’s final season of content.

First up were deeper gameplay videos for Oro and Akira, both of whom are looking like fantastic additions to the roster. Along with those videos (which aren’t available separately for now, so check out the full Summer Update below), we also got some glimpses of the behind the scenes goings on for the dev team. Honestly, I love how much Capcom has been showing off these kinds of things lately, and I especially enjoyed seeing how some of the game’s sounds effects are made.

Oh, and there was an extra special bit of news about Oro and Akira: both are arriving in the game on August 16th.

From there, it was on to Fortnite, as we got the reveal of two new Street Fighter Round 2 skins: Guile and Cammy. Both will be arriving in the game’s item shop at 8PM Eastern on August 7th, along with a variety of themed items as well.

As a special bonus, you can actually win the Cammy skin and her Borealis Backer Back Bling by participating in the Cammy Cup once it kicks off on August 5th. According to Epic, “top performing teams in each region will receive the Cammy Outfit Borealis Backer Back Bling, and any team that earns at least 8 points will receive the Round Two Loading Screen.”

And then, we got the final character for Street Fighter V‘s fifth and last season. As sure as I was that it’d be either Final Fight‘s Haggar or Kyo Kusanagi from Capcom rival SNK’s The King of Fighters, it was instead a totally new character named Luke.

Luke may seem like just another random blonde American guy—really Capcom, enough with the blondes—but there’s more going on with him than you initially may think. On the official Street Fighter Twitter account, Luke’s trailer is accompanied by this text: “Meet Luke, the brand new final character for #SFV and a key player in the future of Street Fighter!”

As well, in the presentation itself, Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama explained that Luke “…will be expanding the world of SF. Street Fighter V has been developed to pay homage to the past, but Luke will give us a glimpse into the future.”

Taking both of those statements together, it sure seems to hint that Luke could represent some connection to Street Fighter VI—perhaps either in terms of story or gameplay mechanics. So, it’ll be interesting when we get a better look at how he plays.

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