Street Fighter 6: The New Crew

Meet the newcomers joining the Street Fighter 6 roster.


Though Luke technically isn’t new to the series—he made a cameo in Street Fighter V as its final DLC character—the MMA fighter with a military background is the official poster boy for SF6.


Taking up the role of Street Fighter 6’s new Bushinryu fighter, Kimberly is a protege of Final Fight veteran Guy, and gleefully mixes her love of ’80s pop culture with her ninjutsu training.


The flashy fighter from Chinatown and fan of the Twin Dragons Yun and Yang, Jamie revels in showing off his dancing skills while utilizing his unique style of martial arts.


One of the most interesting new roster additions design-wise, Marisa’s love for crafting delicate jewelry contrasts her brutal fighting style inspired by ancient Greek warriors.


Manon’s fast-paced dual life of being a catwalk-strutting supermodel and a world champion judoka come together in a fighting style that’s as graceful as it is deadly.


While we’re not ready to say that he’s Street Fighter 6’s replacement for M. Bison just yet, JP is a mysterious and powerful businessman who sure seems interested in Psycho Power.


A descendant of the same tribe as Super Street Fighter II’s T. Hawk, Lily connects her soul with the spirits of nature while connecting her war clubs with opponent’s skulls.

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