State of Decay 2 update adds keyboard and mouse support for console

State of Decay 2‘s latest update adds support for keyboard and mouse for Xbox players.

After Update 24, all you have to do if you want to play with keyboard and mouse is plug in compatible peripherals to your Xbox console and you should be good to go, as the console and Remote Play versions of the game will no longer assume that players are restricted to controller.

Besides this, Update 24 is changing the way the Bounty Broker works. Going forward, the first day of each month will bring an update to the Bounty Broker’s inventory, which means you’ll know ahead of time which content packs you’ll be able to earn that month. Speaking of which, the Trumbull Valley Pack is returning to the game with this update, and the Critical Response Pack will return later this year.

Recruiting is getting a slight upgrade, too. Allied enclaves will still allow you to recruit for free, but now you can recruit from Friendly and Neutral enclaves as well. Friendly recruits will cost 750 influence, and Neutral recruits will cost 1,500 influence.

State of Decay 2 is celebrating Black History Month with a new T-shirt coming with Update 24. Artist Ty Ferrell designed the image on the T-shirt, which will automatically appear in your closet. You can buy a real-life version of the T-shirt until March 1st, and sales of the shirt will benefit the NAACP.

Update 24 also features several quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Zombies will no longer spawn right on top of you when you’re traveling at speed in a car, non-hostile enclaves will no longer lock doors when they move into a new site, and the Forge has been rebalanced so that it’s still a more profitable way to earn Parts than converting them in Storage. However, our personal favorite update is that survivors “with the Sexting skill are no longer weirding people out.” You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website.

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