Starfield: Voyager

Mal Reynolds and Serenity. James T. Kirk and the Enterprise. Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. No sci-fi captain becomes truly iconic without an equally memorable starship. Good thing, then, that Starfield lets you put just as much effort into customizing your spacecraft as into your hero.

While you’re always free to just buy a premade ship and start hopping around the galaxy, players who care a bit more about their interstellar ride can dive deep into detailed building tools. By swapping out and rearranging individual components, you’re free to change not just the layout and appearance of your ship, but also its capabilities. An upgraded grav drive will let you jump further across the galaxy, while better shields and weapons will help you hold your own in space combat, and a larger cargo hold will allow you to transport (or smuggle) more in a single trip.

The decisions you make will even be reflected in the interior layout. Yep, you’ll be able to explore your ride fully as your character, walking around and using the equipment you’ve installed onboard.

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