Star Wars Squadrons update adds deadzone option, fixes ranked issue

Motive Studios has delivered the first update for Star Wars Squadrons that fixes bugs and improves flight stick controls.

Following the update, players will find two new options in the menu: Controller Global Deadzone and Flight Stick Global Deadzone. These new options let players manually adjust the deadzone of their controller or flight stick and should make them feel a bit more responsive. The developer has also adjusted the default input curve for flight sticks to improve responsiveness.

In addition to these new options, a fix is included in this update for an issue that caused players to be placed in the lowest rank in Fleet Battles, regardless of how well they did in their placement matches. Going forward, players who have not started their placement matches will be ranked normally and those who are part way through will be ranked based on their remaining matches. Motive added that it has no plans to reset player’s ranks.

Other changes include visual effect adjustments for VR mode, stability improvements when spectating players in PvP, and a number of bug fixes. Read the full patch notes here.

In other news, Squadrons creative director Ian Frazier recently confirmed that the development team has no plans to add more content to the game.

Star Wars Squadrons is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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