Star Wars Squadrons trailer shows off single-player mission

EA has debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Squadrons during Gamescom Opening Night Live. The new footage is a mix of story content and gameplay from a single-player mission set above Hosnian Prime.

If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because it’s the planet that served as the headquarters of the New Republic before it got all exploded by the Starkiller Base in Episode VII.

While there’s of course some starfighting action on display—from the POV of the Empire, no less—we also get to see what looks like a Republic propaganda video and few brief cutscenes, including appearances from familiar movie faces Leia and Wedge Antilles.

The trailer also confirms that you’ll be able to experience all of the single-player content in compatible VR headsets on PS4 and PC.

Star Wars Squadrons launches October 2nd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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