Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order update adds New Journey + and Meditation Training

Respawn Entertainment has released a big update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that introduces a New Game Plus option and new features.

Starting things off is the New Journey + feature. This new addition allows players to replay the game with all lightsaber parts, kyber crystal colors, and aesthetic items. The only thing that won’t carry over is abilities, so players will have to relearn these as they progress. Players will also gain access to Cal’s Inquisitor Uniform, the red kyber crystal, and the Protection and Defense I and II lightsaber sets, which are exclusive to New Journey +.

Another New Journey + exclusive is the new Mediation Training feature. The new meditation Training hub can be accessed via Meditation points and contains two different modes: Combat Challenges and Battle Grid.

Combat Challenges pit Cal against waves of enemies across multiple arenas and each has a three-star rating for completion. According to the developer, these challenges are designed for veteran players and should be tackled toward the end of the game. Players who take on and complete these challenges will be rewarded with new appearance options for BD-1.

While Battle Grid allows players to create their own challenges. Using this system, players can select a location, add multiple enemies, adjust difficulty modifiers, and set the overall difficulty level. Players can also take on unique enemies in this mode, including Jaro Tapal and Inquisitor Cal Kestis.

Finally, today’s update adds the option to skip button-mashing QTEs, lets players disable the need to hold the climb button, and introduces new text scaling options. Read the full patch notes here.

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