Star Citizen update adds selling to NPCs, ship-to-ship refueling, and more

Cloud Imperium Games have released the Fueling Fortunes update for Star Citizen, which offers players new ways to earn credits.

This latest update brings with it ship-to-ship refueling, which allows players to refuel stranded ships or top off fuel tanks in exchange for credits. Players can now also sell their unwanted items to NPC vendors and stores for pure UEC.

Additionally, players can jump into the new entry-level MISC Hull A ship, use mining gadgets to increase yields, and visit the Maria Pure of Heart hospital at the Hurston Dynamics company town of Lorville.

Finally, the first interactive river has been added to the game. Visit microTech to search the river for harvestable resources. Read the full patch notes for the Fueling Fortunes update here.

Star Citizen is available now on PC in alpha.

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