Soul Hackers 2 trailer details summoning and combat

The latest trailer for Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus goes over devil summoning and combat.

In the upcoming JRPG, Ringo’s teammates can equip demons and then use their abilities during combat. By exploiting enemy weaknesses with these abilities, Ringo will gain stacks that can be used at the end of the party’s turn to perform a powerful attack known as a Sabbath.

Ringo also has access to Commander Skills, which can be used in battle without taking up a turn. Some of these Commander Skills are passive and trigger automatically during battle. Players can unlock new Commander Skills by trading in materials at the COMP Smith.

The final part of the trailer introduces Mystiques. These can be found by leveling up demons and offer stat boosts, elemental protection, and more.

Soul Hackers 2 arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next week on August 26th.

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