Sony reveals what PlayStation 5 game cases will look like

Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can—which, it seems, includes helping to show off what the cases for a new next-gen console’s physical games will look like.

Thanks to the official PlayStation twitter account, we get our first look at the PlayStation 5’s cases. Which, really, are almost the same as the PlayStation 4’s cases, with the biggest change being the top bar switching from a blue color scheme to a black & white one.

Given the overall black & white color scheme of the PlayStation 5 itself, that’s not a surprising direction to go in.

While many gamers will no doubt be going all digital on the PS5—especially given Sony has specifically created a version of the console that is digital only—physical copies of games are still important to many players around the globe.

So, now, you’ll know what they’ll look like when you add a new batch of PS5 games to your shelf.

Source: PlayStation Twitter

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