Sony opens registrations for PlayStation 5 pre-orders

If you’re hoping to get a shiny new PlayStation 5 at launch but are worried about being able to find one, Sony might have a solution for you.

The company has just launched a new web page where PlayStation Network members can enter their member ID to be put into a pool for pre-ordering the system directly from Sony. To be clear, this is not a guarantee of being able to pre-order the console—it’s a chance to be selected to do so before those pre-orders open.

If you receive an invitation, it will only be available for a limited amount of time, and will grand you access to purchasing the following:

  • 1 PS5 Console or 1 PS5 Digital Edition
  • 2 DualSense wireless controllers
  • 2 DualSense charging stations
  • 2 Pulse 3D wireless headsets
  • 2 Media remotes
  • 2 HD Cameras

Also, one other important note: As of this moment, this opportunity is only open to customers in the United States.

If you want to try your luck, then head over to the official pre-order website. You can also check the FAQ linked there for answers to other potential questions.

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