SnowRunner’s second expansion is now available, Year 3 Pass teased

The second expansion for SnowRunner, Season 8: Grand Harvest, is now available on PC and consoles.

The expansion introduces a new environment made up of four 4km² summer maps. On these maps, players are tasked with restoring sustainable farming activities after a streak of crop failures and poor harvests.

“Restore the local environment, farming and maintaining alternative energy sources in a landscape of railroad stations, gas stations, construction zones, villages, and farm fields,” the description adds.

There are also three new vehicles available to help players complete this task. These include the heavy-duty 4WD tractor Kirovets K700 and its modern K7M version, as well as the Step 39331 “Pike”.

In addition, publisher Focus Entertainment revealed a Year 3 Pass for SnowRunner. This pass contains four new content drops, new vehicles, maps, and more. Players who purchase the pass will also receive instant access to exclusive skins for the Freightliner M916, Freightliner 114SD, International HX520, and the Chevrolet Kodiak С70 (1981).

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