SnowRunner’s Season 2 content is available now

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive have released new content for SnowRunner.

From today, season pass owners will be able to explore two new maps in the Yukon, Canada region. The Flooded Foothills and Big Salmon Peak maps are both 4km² in size and feature a new set of missions that will see players building a Large Oil Processing Plant using the new cargo crafting feature.

Additionally, players will be able to get behind the wheel of the CAT 770G, CAT TH357D AG, and the KRS 58, as well as decorate their vehicles with new interior and exterior customization options.

Finally, there’s some new content for all players, regardless of whether they own the season pass or not. The additions include two new Trials, two new Xtreme Cargo, new missions in the game’s existing regions, new customization options, and more.

SnowRunner is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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