Skate gets a new teaser video—but the wait isn’t over

EA and Full Circle have released a new teaser video for the upcoming Skate reboot, but be warned: It’s going to leave you wanting more.

While the 75-second trailer exclusively focuses on Skate and does provide some hints as to what the team is working on, it doesn’t feature any actual gameplay. Instead, the footage consists of motion-capture sessions featuring skaters tearing up a specially-built skatepark on a soundstage, and lots of footage of influencers reacting to footage of the game. Yes, they’ve seen gameplay. No, you can’t.

But if you dig into some of the clips here, you can find out some things that may point towards what you can expect. One content creator reacts to a spinning rail and asks if you’ll be able to do that to any object in the game, seemingly hinting that you’ll be able to place moving objects into the world, rather than just static ones. That should be a huge boon to people who want to set up interesting lines.

We also learn it looks beautiful, it’s set in an open world, and that’s it’s reminiscent of Skate 2, but you could probably have guessed all of those on your own.

The most cryptic tease comes from one influencer who says, “Wait, the game is [censored]? Wow!” Any guesses what might fill in that gap? Free-to-play? An MMO? Following in the tradition of Tony Hawk: Ride with a physical skateboard peripheral? One can only hope the real answer is all three.

While this tease won’t do much to soothe Skate fans eager for a proper reveal, it looks like we’ll still have a while to wait: Full Circle announced over the weekend that the game won’t be at this week’s EA Play Live event.

There’s still no official word on specific platforms or a release window for this new Skate, but you can probably expect it to be on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

As for the Skate-less EA Play Live, we’ll have coverage here at EGM from the moment it kicks off July 22nd at 10 a.m. PT.

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