Shadow Warrior 3 trailer goes over the game’s weapons

Devolver Digital’s latest trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 offers a brief look at the weaponry available to Lo Wang.

The trailer opens with the Crimson Bull grenade launcher and a quick glimpse at its Sucker Punch upgrade, which will cause the grenade to home in on enemies. Next, we see The Outlaw pistol with its Igniter upgrade that sets the bullets on fire and Poppin’ Heads, which does exactly what you’d expect. Finally, the Sidekicks dual SMGs, which can be upgraded to paralyze enemies, and the Dragontail katana are shown.

This latest game in the series follows Lo Wang and his sidekick Orochi Zilla on a mission to recapture an ancient dragon that they accidentally released from its eternal prison.

Shadow Warrior 3 arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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