Session: Skateboarding Sim Game now available via Xbox Game Preview

If you’ve been looking forward to trying out Crea-ture Studios’s upcoming skateboarding sim game Session, and you currently own an Xbox One, you’re now in luck.

“Inspired by the golden era of skateboarding, Session’s primary goal is to make you experience what skateboarding really is; an incredible culture where there are no other goals other than expressing your creativity and achieving success through hard work, perseverance and bits of madness for no one else other than yourself,” reads the text accompanying Session‘s arrival to the Xbox One’s Game Preview program. “Be ready to play the most authentic and grounded skateboarding experience in the most legendary spots on earth, film and make the gnarliest skate parts out there.”

Session: Skateboarding Sim Game being in the Game Preview program means that it’s still a work in progress, so there could potentially be issues with the game, or elements that may change in ways both big and small by the time it’s released. So, definitely make sure that you’re comfortable with pre-release software before shelling out the $19.99 you’ll need to buy the game.

Source: Microsoft Store

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