Session is coming to Xbox One this spring

Skateboarding sim Session will finally be coming to Xbox One this spring with the help of Illogika, developer Crea-ture Studios has announced.

“Because we’re asked to be more transparent and fill you in on what is going on with console development we are dropping radio silence to tell you some exciting news about the timeline now being SOLIDIFIED and why, doubled the team and tripled the focus,” the developer wrote on Twitter.

“In an effort to double up on the Xbox console port we have teamed up with an experienced studio named Illogika who will focus an entire team to porting Session to console alongside us and together with this expansion of developers we now have a solid timeline to bring you Session on Xbox this spring 2020.”

The developer also released a big update for the PC version of the game. This latest update introduces a new control scheme, adds the original crea-ture park, makes slides and grinds feel smoother, and adds a new level layout feature.

Session is available now in early access on PC and will be coming to Xbox One this spring.

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