Second Extinction enters early access on PC next month

Second Extinction will enter early access for PC via Steam on October 13th, developer Systemic Reaction has confirmed.

“Early Access allows us to build the game with the community, not simply for the community,” the developer wrote on Steam. “Early Access allows us to grow and evolve the game alongside you; our players. What does the community respond to positively? What do they want more of? What needs more work? We can answer these questions in Early Access better than anywhere else.”

The upcoming early access version will include online multiplayer for up to three players, six replayable missions, 12 different in-mission activities, four unique characters with three class choices, 10 enemy dinosaur types, and 10 upgradable weapons. There will also be a leveling system with a level 25 cap, a title system with nameplates, various unlockable cosmetics, contracts that offer unique rewards, and the War Effort, which is a community-driven meta game that alters the map status through player actions.

As for the full release, the developer plans to introduce new dinosaur mutations, mission difficulty settings, new weapons and game modes, Mega Boss battles, and more.

Second Extinction launches October 13th via Steam Early Access for $24.99. The game is also in development for Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

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