Sea of Thieves’ Vault Raiders event is now live

Sea of Thieves players can begin unlocking a new set of themed weapons from today in the Vault Raiders event.

“The Gold Hoarders’ treasure is under threat, so they need pirates to sail out on Voyages and bring it safely back,” developer Rare writes. “They’ve recruited the Bilge Rats to help too, but only allowed Larinna to offer Voyages to a particular Treasure Vault, meaning many pirates’ paths are destined to cross! Opening Treasure Vaults, handing in certain types of chest or completing other special actions during this Event will earn the Gold Hoarders’ Favour.”

During the event, players will be rewarded with Favour for completing various objectives for the Gold Hoarders. A few examples include 20 Favour for completing a Gold Hoarders Voyage, 10 Favour for selling a Stronghold Chest to the Gold Hoarders, and 10 Favour for opening a Treasure Vault.

Players can unlock Gold Hoarders weapons and a new title by collecting enough Favour before the event ends on April 15th. The following rewards are available:

  • Gold Hoarders Cutlass – 50 Favour
  • Gold Hoarders Pistol – 100 Favour
  • Gold Hoarders Eye of Reach – 150 Favour
  • Gold Hoarders Blunderbuss – 200 Favour
  • Invader of Glittering Vaults Title – 250 Favour

Sea of Thieves is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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