Sea of Thieves trailer introduces Mysteries

Rare has revealed that the first of Sea of Thieves‘ new Mysteries will begin later this week.

Mysteries are described as “an example of live storytelling that players have never really seen before, in this game or elsewhere” and will run alongside Seasons and Adventures. These Mysteries will progress dynamically without the need for a game update and require the community to work together to solve each stage.

Another thing that separates Mysteries from other content in Sea of Thieves is that players will have to go outside of the game to Sea of Thieves‘ various social channels to find some of the clues. Find out more in the video below:

“Through a combination of in-game puzzle-solving and elements discovered on other Sea of Thieves channels beyond the core game, Mysteries are designed to engage the efforts of the whole community to unravel,” creative director Mike Chapman wrote on the game’s official site. “We’re excited to see how players engage with our first Mystery and we’re eager to learn how to improve what we do with this exciting new element of Sea of Thieves…”

The first of these Mysteries begins later this week, with Chapman warning players to “be alert for unusual sights on your Voyages and watch Sea of Thieves’ social channels.”

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