Sea of Thieves trailer goes over the new content coming in Season 7

Rare has released a new trailer for Sea of Thieves that takes a look at everything coming to the game with the release of Season 7 later this week.

The highlight of this update is the ability to finally be the captain of your own ship. After logging in following the Season 7 update, players will have the option to purchase a ship, with prices ranging from 250,000 for a Sloop to 500,000 for a Galleon. Once purchased, players can name their ship whatever they want, within reason.

Now that the ship has a name it’s time to customize it. Visit the new Ship Decoration menu to select tables, drapes, beds, and more. Any changes made will be saved between sessions, including any damage the ship sustained. If players aren’t happy with the damaged look, they can get it repaired at the Shipwright.

Another big addition for Season 7 is the Milestones feature. Milestones keep track of everything captains do across sessions, such as repairs made, gold earned, and more, and offer rewards.

Players can also take on new Captain Voyages, stock their ship at the Shipwright, and more.

Sea of Thieves Season 7 is scheduled to begin on August 4th for Xbox and PC players.

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