Sea of Thieves’ ninth Adventure is now live

The Skeleton Lord Captain Flameheart is ready to return to the Sea of Thieves and it’s up to players to either help make it happen or put a stop to it.

Players can choose to either side with the Servant of the Flame and complete the ritual or join Belle’s mission to complete a rival scheme that will stop Flameheart from returning at the risk of Captain Pendragon’s soul.

To accomplish this, find Bewitching Dolls around six Sea Forts in the Sea of Thieves and then deliver them to either Belle or the Servant of the Flame. As an added twist, these dolls are more powerful when the side controls the fort they are found in, so the aim is to get the dolls and gain control of all six forts.

“Handing in a Doll at a time when all six Sea Forts are under your side’s control is the most efficient way of assisting in the ritual, while leaving Forts unclaimed will diminish the relic’s effectiveness,” Rare explains. “Beacons above each Fort will indicate which side, if any, currently holds them.”

The Return of the Damned Adventure is live until November 17th.

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