Sea of Thieves’ A Hunter’s Cry Adventure begins

Sea of Thieves’ sixth limited-time adventure, A Hunter’s Cry, is now available.

In this latest Adventure, players will be launching a rescue mission to recover Merrick from the Dark Brethren before they can get the information he holds. To begin, speak to Larianna and then approach the Pirate Lord to open a path to the Sea of the Damned.

“To stand the best chance of success, crews should unite and rely on each other to breach the Brethren’s defenses,” developer Rare explains. “Revealing the route to the top of the Twisted Sea Dog Tavern and overcoming the Phantom resistance will require a combination of sea and land combat, strength and agility, puzzle-solving, and teamwork!”

All players who manage to complete this Adventure will be rewarded with an exclusive Title and a cosmetic reward.

Rare has also adjusted the requirements of certain ship and pirate milestones, temporarily removed Captain’s Stash Voyages, and fixed a few issues. Read the full patch notes here.

Sea of Thieves is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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