Scarlet Nexus trailer introduces second playable character

A new trailer released for Scarlet Nexus by publisher Bandai Namco introduces Kasane, the game’s second playable character.

Kasane was adopted by the powerful Randall family and became one of the most promising members of the Others Suppression Force (OSF) after being scouted at just 12 years old. She attacks her enemies using psychokinesis and throwing knives. Kasane will be playable alongside Yuito Sumeragi and has her own skills and story.

The trailer also features a number of characters who will support Yuito and Kasane in their fight against the others, including Gemma Garrison, Luka Travers, and Tsugumi Nazar. Watch the trailer below:

Scarlet Nexus is in development for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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