Saints Row shows off its early story missions in new gameplay

A new batch of Saints Row gameplay shows off the earliest missions you’ll experience as you help this young new group of would-be criminals build their own version of the Saints.

The footage comes as part of Game Informer‘s cover story, and the video features commentary from some of the magazine’s editors over spliced together clips from the earliest chapters of the story.

In the first mission—set before our heroes even think of starting their own gang—you’re knocking over a payday loan store to make rent. We see clips of driving, car combat, gunplay against Los Panteros (one of Santo Ileso’s new gangs), and an offroad police chase on a dirt bike that crosses through a desert environment.

In the second mission, the Boss is attempting to rescue Kevin from the Idols, a different gang. The gameplay starts with a bar brawl before showing a gunfight and a segment where you wreck the Idols’ camp using a porta potty tied to the back of a car. Next, we see the Boss wingsuit down from an overlook to crash a party at an Idol-controlled mansion, guns blazing.

The video wraps up with short glimpses of two other missions, showing the Boss climbing onto the top of a moving car to shoot at her pursuers and driving a dune buggy across the desert to reach a drop point.

In all, it’s a decent look at pretty much every corner of the core gameplay—shooting, driving, melee combat—with glimpses of the new features developer Deep Silver Volition is adding to each.

Saints Row launches February 25th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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