Saints Row reveals full suite of customization options

Volition has unleased a trailer and accompanying in-depth presentation showcasing all of the customization options that will be available to players in the upcoming Saints Row.

Starting with your personal Boss, players will be able to fully customize their character’s look, including giving them a fully asymmetrical face if so desired. Other options include skin color and material (including wooden skin), body and build, and even teeth. Since the Boss is fully voiced in the new Saints Row, players will have eight voice options to choose from, as well as emotes, and a full suite of clothing options.

Beyond their characters, players will also get to fully customize their personal vehicles. Courtesy of Santa Ileso’s friendly neighborhood mechanic, Jim Rob’s, players will be able to unlock and customize over 80 vehicles. Options include paint, ornament hoods, bumpers, roofs, sideskirts, undercarriage lights, tire size, hubcaps, and much more.

Players can also give their automobile equipment like nitrous, off-road kits, towing cables, and a signature ability like the ejector seat, which launches players into the air and lets them wingsuit around the map Batman: Arkham Knight–style. Another ability is infinite boost that lets players go beyond the limits of their speedometers.

Automobiles aren’t the only tools that players can customize in Saints Row. Weapons are also customizable, with unique decals and even unlockable visual mods that can completely change the look of a gun. You can turn a rocket launcher into a guitar case and an assault rifle into an umbrella, for instance. There are a ton of unique weapons, too. We spotted extendable punching gloves in the presentation, for example.

Last but not least are the customization options for the Saints themselves. Not only will players have access to a home base where they can plan their expansion, but players can also customize what uniforms their Saints wear and what their vehicles look like, letting you live out your supervillain dreams.

Saints Row launches on August 23rd for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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