Rush Rally Collection is getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch

Eastasiasoft has announced a physical release for Brownmonster Limited’s Rush Rally titles on Nintendo Switch.

The Rush Rally Collection bundles together both Rush Rally 3 and Rush Rally Origins along with the latest updates for both games on a single cart.

Rush Rally 3 combines “the realism of a sim with the approachable mechanics and intuitive interface of an arcade racer” and features 60 FPS gameplay, a career mode, real-time vehicle damage, and more than 72 stages. While Rush Rally Origins is a remake of the first game with 48 stages, the ability to change the time of day and weather, and online leaderboards.

Preorders for the Rush Rally Collection open tomorrow, April 14th, over on Playasia. Players can choose to preorder a Limited Edition that contains a manual, sound test disc, and numbered certificate in a collector’s box for $39.99. A Standard Edition is also available.

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