Rumbleverse has been delayed

Iron Galaxy’s 40-player brawler royale game Rumbleverse has suffered a delay.

The developer announced in a message on the game’s official site that Rumbleverse is no longer launching on February 15th. According to the developer, the game is being delayed because there is more the team wants to do “to perfect the experience.”

“Having Grapital City filled with Rumblers taught us a lot. We’re excited about the game we’re making – and we’re glad you are, too – but there’s more we want to do to perfect the experience,” the developer wrote. “More than a game, Rumbleverse will be a community that we want to support for a long time. We’re going to take the time to make sure we can get that right.”

This delay also means that the planned early access launch for February 8th is also no longer happening. Iron Galaxy noted that it is working with platform partners to refund players.

However, in brighter news, the developer announced that it will be holding a new test for the game on PC starting February 12th. The short test is being used to test the game’s network infrastructure. To take part, players need to wishlist the game over on the Epic Games Store.

Rumbleverse is in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. A new release date has not been announced.

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