Rocket League’s Modes of May event begins with Dropshot Rumble

Psyonix has announced that it will be running a Modes of May event in Rocket League next month.

The event begins tomorrow, May 1st, and will see a new limited-time mode occurring each weekend throughout the month. First up is Dropshot Rumble, a mash-up of the Dropshot and Rumble limited-time modes, which will be available until May 4th.

Following this will be Beach Ball, which makes the ball float and curve like a beach ball, from May 7th-11th, and Boomer Ball, a community favorite mode that is being made official, which will be live from May 14th-18th.

Finally, the recently introduced Heatseeker game mode will be returning. The mode will be available from May 21st through May 26th and makes it so the ball seeks out the opponent’s goal each time it is hit. Take a look at the full schedule for Modes of May below:

  • May 1st – May 4th: Dropshot Rumble
  • May 7th – May 11th: Beach Ball
  • May 14th – May 18th: Boomer Ball
  • May 21st – May 26th: Heatseeker 

Each of the above modes can be found in a separate tab in the Play Online menu and will be unranked.

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