Rocket League is adding The Batman’s Batmobile this week

Psyonix is bringing a fourth Batmobile to Rocket League later this week with the release of The Batman Bundle.

This newest bundle contains the Batmobile (2022) with a Dominus hitbox, the Batmobile (2022) Engine Audio, Dark Knight Matte Paint Finish, Batmobile (2022) Wheels, Batmobile (2022) Boost, Batmobile (2022) Trail, the Reel Life Decal, and The Batman Goal Explosion. The bundle will be available from March 2nd through March 8th for 1,100 Credits.

Psyonix notes that all of the items included in The Batman Bundle, with the exception of the Goal Explosion, can only be equipped by the Batmobile (2022) and the Batmobile (2022) cannot be customized with other items.

The developer also announced that the Gotham City Rumble LTM is returning with The Joker’s Boxing Glove, Poison Ivy’s Vines, the Bat-Grapnel, and the Clayface Spikes.

Rocket League is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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