Rocket League dropping PS Plus and Nintendo Switch Online requirement

Rocket League players on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will no longer require a PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online membership to play the game when it moves to free-to-play, Psyonix has announced.

In addition to dropping the membership requirement, Rocket League’s free-to-play launch will also shake up ranked play with the introduction of a new top rank. Following the switch, the Supersonic Legend rank will be added above Grand Champion with its own set of rewards to obtain at the end of the season.

“Changes aren’t only happening at the top. We’re working to soft reset the rest of the ranks to account for incoming players picking up Rocket League for the first time,” Psyonix added. “This means Ranks will shift closer to the median Rank (close to Gold III). For instance, when current Bronze players complete their placement matches, they may be placed in a higher rank since they’ll be better than new players who are just starting out.”

The developer also announced that it is adjusting Rocket League’s Seasons and Rocket Pass schedules to line them up. After the free-to-play update, Rocket Pass will no longer be numbered and will instead be an extension of the season. Basically, both the Rocket Pass and Season will begin and end at the same time.

Rocket League’s next update is scheduled to release mid-September, with the free-to-play launch following “shortly after.”

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