Rocket League adding Blueprints and an Item Shop

Earlier this year, Psyonix announced that it will be replacing Rocket League’s Crate system. Now the developer has finally revealed what it will replace it with.

According to the developer, a game update in December will introduce the Blueprint system. Following the update, players will have a chance to receive a Blueprint at the end of the game, instead of a crate. A Blueprint shows players the item that can be created from it for a set price, allowing players to choose whether they want the item or not. Like crates, Blueprints can drop as painted, certified, and special edition items.

In addition to Blueprints, Psyonix is adding an Item Shop to Rocket League in December. This shop will offer a rotating set of cosmetic items that can be purchased for a new currency called Credits. Credits replace Keys and can also be used to create Blueprints and purchase the Rocket Pass. More information about the Item Shop will be shared at a later date.

Finally, the developer announced that once the update drops in December, all Keys and Crates will be transformed into Credits and Blueprints from the same series, respectively.

Rocket League is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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