RimWorld trailer celebrates the release of the Console Edition

The Console Edition of sci-fi colony sim RimWorld is now available, and to celebrate Double Eleven has released a launch trailer.

The game starts players off with three randomly generated colonists on a randomly generated planet and tasks them with keeping the colony alive. Of course, it won’t be easy, as players need to contend with various random events, such as “a sudden bout of plague” or “a horde of man-eating monkeys.”

These random events are controlled by one of three AI storytellers. Phoebe Chillax, Cassandra Classic, and Randy Random each have their own personality that affects how they treat the player when it comes to throwing events at their colony.

Also available from today is the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, which bundles in the Royalty DLC. This new content includes The Empire faction, which players can either antagonize for a chance to steal their weapons and armor or ally themselves with.

RimWorld is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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