RimWorld Console Edition trailer introduces the storytellers

Double Eleven has shared a new trailer for the console release of RimWorld that introduces us to the game’s three AI-driven storytellers.

Each of the three storytellers has a unique personality and will throw random events at players based on it. Cassandra Classic is the default storyteller and will throw increasingly difficult events at players with time in between to recover. While Phoebe Chillax offers more time between challenges to give players chance to build and grow their colony.

The third and final of these storytellers is Randy Random. Randy specializes in being unpredictable and can spawn challenges at any time with a variety of difficulties. He “revels in drama” and can also send out several events at once.

Players who preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game will receive the Royalty DLC and three days of early access.

RimWorld Console Edition launches July 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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