Returnal update adjusts Tower of Sisyphus difficulty

Housemarque has pushed a new update live for Returnal that adjusts the game’s balance and fixes a few bugs.

According to a post on the game’s official website, this latest update “will balance the difficulty in the Tower of Sisyphus.” Exact details regarding how the difficulty has been adjusted were not shared, but the developer did add that the leaderboards will be reset as a result.

In addition to balance adjustments, Update 3.03 adds Audio Log 94 to an additional location in the tower, increases leaderboard scrolling speed, and fixes bugs with black screens, gameplay, and co-op. Take a look at the full patch notes below:

  • Tower of Sisyphus: Added Audio Log 94 to additional location in the tower
  • Tower of Sisyphus: Fixed a rare issue where Algos might refuse to die, or die too early in the tower
  • Tower of Sisyphus: Increased leaderboard scrolling speed
  • Co-Op: Fixed several issues where a client or host might encounter a black screen or hang when moving between biomes during co-op play
  • Co-Op: Fixed multiple minor gameplay bugs
  • Co-Op: Fixed two rare crashes in co-op mode

Returnal’s Ascension update, which introduced the Tower of Sisyphus and co-op mode, went live back in March. The Tower of Sisyphus is an endless survival mode in which players fight to ascend the tower as high as possible while chasing a high score.

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